Patrons & ambassadors

Read about our patrons, ambassadors and little sister ambassadors who have successfully completed the Sister2Sister program.

Kylie Humphreys

Litte Sister Ambassador

“I’m really not sure about achievements. I now live out of home, which I think is an achievement, finally being able to become independent and live my life happy and the way I want. I recently started working in a nursing home, gaining some valuable nursing experience and just entering my 2nd year of nursing. 2 more years and i will be a registered nurse. Really exciting. I got my licence and a car and am now driving around as well which helps me get around a lot easier now. I have been able to build friendships and relationships with my family which are a lot stronger now that i live out of home and i can visit and just put aspects of the past behind me. I even talk to dad now. I would love to speak to girls and help. I feel like i’m at a part of my life where i’m out of the darkness, i’m a survivor. I made it through and i’m going to achieve so much more and i have that strength and confidence because that’s what you (Jessica) and all foundation gave me. A chance and some help to get through and now i would love to help give back. I know there are girls out there that can become success stories as well and i would just love to be a part of that. I know it will take time before i could become a Big Sister because of my age, but it’s definitely something i want to do.”


Kaytlin Taylor

Litte Sister Ambassador

“Since graduating from the SISTER2sister Program, I have been involved with several training and speaking projects. I obtained my Certificate 2 in Public Safety (SES Rescue) in February 2007 and started the Certificate 3. I have written, designed and published an information pamphlet for young people who self-injure (October 2006) and gave my first presentation on self injury issues to the Big Sisters at their training program. Since 2007 I have facilitated workshops and information sessions on self injury at the State Foster Care Conference in Queensland, and for NSW Lifeline Counsellors, Southern Community Welfare and the Sutherland Shire Partnership Day Conference as well as participating in a documentary DVD on Self Injury that is being used to raise awareness about youth self-injury. I received a commendation at the NSW Mental Health Consumer of the Year Awards and was awarded a Mental Health Matters Award for my work in Self-Injury Awareness.

In 2008, I completed a Certificate 4 in Community Services Work (Welfare) as well as achieving an equivalent UAI score of 99 in my Tertiary Preparation Certificate (similar to HSC), placing 1st in the Sydney Institute of TAFE and 3rd overall State-wide, and receiving the Highest Achiever Award and Equity Special Achievement Award for my efforts. Due to my lack of high school education these marks were a complete surprise and gave me the necessary education and confidence to apply for university. I am now currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work at University of Sydney, hoping to graduate in 2014.”


Grace Whiting

Little Sister Ambassador

“The SISTER2sister program played a very positive role in my life during quite a difficult time. I was nominated for the program by my school, and I firmly believe that it was the constant support and dedication of Jessica Brown, and my Big Sister Vicki, that helped me complete my studies and create the wonderful life I now enjoy. I have since continued my study at university, and am working in a job I love!

I found that the love, acceptance and encouragement from all the mentors shone as a beacon of hope in the darker hours, and their unconditional support still brings a smile to my face whenever I think back on my days in the program. This happens quite often, which is a testament to the wonderful efforts of Jessica Brown, who is forever changing the lives of the girls with whom she works.

The SISTER2sister program was never about giving me a better life. It was about showing me I truly deserve one, and giving me the tools to make it happen for myself.

Grace Whiting became a Little Sister in 2006 and has been actively involved in SISTER2sister ever since. She has done various media interviews on behalf of the program, shared experiences at a number of information days for new Little Sisters and was a guest speaker at the 2007 Fundraising Ball. Grace was a recipient of a Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) after being nominated by SISTER2sister. She was also published in Jacinta Tynan’s anthology, Some Girls Do, which gave all proceeds to SISTER2sister, as well as the Life Changing Foundation’s own book, Cooked With Love.


Caitlin Ward

Litte Sister Ambassador

What comes to my mind when I hear the words “positive role model”? I personally envision Captain Planet, but; since he’s fictional it’s very unlikely that he’s going to come and mentor me any time soon so, I try again. This time, I think of a big sister – someone I can look up to and admire; someone caring, special, and wise but above all, someone I can trust.

In 2008, I not only found one person like that. I met a whole organisation of women like that. In 2007 I was nominated for the 2008 SISTER2sister program. In 2008, I graduated as a little sister. Through the patience, persistence and reliable effort exerted by my big sister, Sally Stanley, and the many incredible women who volunteer themselves for the program, I am now exceptionally motivated, driven and goal orientated. The passion inside me was drawn out as I learnt about myself and how valuable I am to the world, and now, thanks to the guidance and support I’ve received since entering the program, I’m an incredibly happy and fulfilled person who has so much to give back.

Now, 2010, I’m a Higher School Certificate graduate. I’m a volunteer as the Membership Communication Officer on the NSW Red Cross Youth Advisory Committee. In 2009 I spent a week in America representing Australia as an Australian Youth Ambassador at a Global Youth Leadership Summit run by the Anthony Robbins Foundation, which I’m due to attend again this year. I’m a volunteer on the YMCA’s Youth Advisory Committee for the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence in Redfern. I currently work full time in Sydney City. I’m building my own Organisation; ‘Confidence through Culture’ which is an initiative designed to increase confidence in young Indigenous students through a greater understanding of their traditional heritage and I’m writing a personal development themed novel, which is directed at youth in order to encourage positive friendships and the value of trust.

One day, I want to build an Interactive Environmental Education Centre in the heart of Sydney City so that schools from all over locally and nationally can visit and learn to appreciate our Earth and gain knowledge about the environment and our incredible impact on it.

In my local community, I hope to one day open a youth centre which will run services available to young people who require tutoring or counseling and services for youth at risk who are experiencing abuse, depression, self harm, substance abuse and young people who are homeless.

I delivered a speech, on behalf of the little sisters of the SISTER2sister program at the launch of Natalie Bassingthwaighte & Nikki Moore’s personal development book, Sistahood. I’ve been in the Sunday Herald paper, the Daily Telegraph and Life Magazine. I have featured in Girlfriend magazine, Dolly magazine and have also been published in Turning Point on behalf of the Life Changing Experiences Foundation. I also share my story to raise funds for the SISTER2sister program.

In 2007 I was nominated for the 2008 SISTER2sister program. In 2008 I graduated as a much stronger person and an incredibly happy me. Yay!


Heather Miller

Litte Sister Ambassador

In my life at the moment I’m starting to take on more and more leadership roles both in the school and wider community. Last year I was involved in Peer Mediation, Peer Reading through the school where I got to educate people, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Birrong Girls also enabled me to assist in Interviews with Vietnam War Veterans.

I believe that being involved in leadership programs helps me develop and strengthen some very important skills like confidence and communication that a leader must have. Life is all about meeting new people and forming relationships where ever you go.

I am now in the School Representative Council and I can finally have my say and make my opinions more strongly heard.

In the past few years I have been involved in many extra curricular activities. Some of my achievements include:

  • Attended Magic moments Foundation, Youth Leadership and Finance Summit – Voted Leader of the week.
  • Guides Australia / Junior leader.
  • Outward Bound.
  • Attending UPW Young Leaders.
  • Premiers Reading Challenge, medal recipient.
  • Graduate of SISTER2Sister mentoring program with Life Changing Experiences Foundation
  • Recipient of Co-operative learning award.
  • Guide of the year (Auburn Lidcombe).
  • Baden Powel Award, Guides Australia.
  • My Special Interests include:
  • Peer Support.
  • Assistant Soccer coach.
  • Member of Guides Australia 5 years.
  • Drama Club.
  • Ambassador of Life changing experiences Foundation.

I have played soccer both representative, local and for my school for the past 6 years, and enjoyed every minute of it. I have just joined a local basketball team ‘Wild Cats’.

I am a good communicator, good at public speaking and have strong leadership skills. My strengths also include confidence, being approachable, flexible, strong willed, resilient and friendly.

I love learning and finding new experiences, and where ever I go I make it my mission to attempt everything I do with 110% Effort! In the future I will be successful in what ever business I decide, possibly even my own. Once I put my mind to something I will not give up.

I believe that one day I can and WILL make a difference! As an individual I will continue on my journey of finding out more about myself and to discover and reach my full potential in life.