Vision & mission

Our Vision

We grow Australia’s most marginalised girls into strong, independent women capable of taking their place in the world.

Our Purpose

To empower vulnerable teenage girls to make positive life choices for a better future.

Our Mission
  • Implement our programs throughout Australia.
  • Achieve total self-sustainability to effectively support all our programs through innovative fundraising strategies and community involvement opportunities.
  • Provide beneficiaries with ongoing opportunities to develop their skills and gain work experience.
  • Deliver programs that are credible and through them make a difference to Australian youth and their respective communities.
Our Objectives
  • Operate for the public benefit, in a charitable and benevolent way, by having disadvantaged young people at risk of abuse and neglect participate in a range of mentoring programs;
  • Offer mentoring programs and opportunities within the community specifically designed to educate our at risk youth and give them valuable positive life skills, independent living resources, risk management strategies and appropriate role models to nurture high self-esteem in Australian ‘at risk’ youth;
  • Break the cycle of neglect, abuse, poverty and suffering of Australian ‘at risk’ youth by helping them to increase their belief in themselves and encouraging them to take themselves out of their present environments so they can make a difference to their lives;
  • Give disadvantaged young individuals the opportunity to be temporarily taken out of their environment to participate in a once in a lifetime mentoring program; which will teach them how to achieve personal contentment and fulfillment;
  • Provide disadvantaged youth with the chance to identify and explore their talents and learn how to utilise these talents to enhance their lives and be active contributing members of their community;
  • Teach our disadvantaged youth strategies to deal with the emotional and physical trauma of the past, equip them with skills to master life’s challenges and guide them on the path to transforming their lives;
  • Show young ‘at risk’ individuals how to facilitate purposeful change and personal growth by implementing self-help strategies to overcome obstacles, draw on existing strengths and monitor progress.

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